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We are a dedicated team of experienced technicians who can give advice about all the latest trends, pool care products, and  offering the best pool service in Cairns QLD.

Why Pool Store Plus?

Pool Store Plus in Cairns provides a range of pool services to keep your pool clean, safe, fun, nice and somewhere you are delighted to spend your time whether it be relaxing or exercise. 

Pool servicing can include regular pool cleaning, general servicing and maintenance, equipment repairs and upgrades, pool water testing and analysis, and pool fence safety inspections. Pool safety inspections more info

Cleaning Service prices start from as low as $55 per hour

+ Chemicals and Supplies

Higher rates may apply depending on the work involved

A call out fee may be charged depending on circumstances and location.

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Pool Cleaning Cairns QLD

The Best Pool Equipment

Pool supplies

Cleaning gear, baskets, fittings, spa accessories and parts, chemicals, ph balancing up and down, acid, salt, buffer, clarifier, stain remover, pipe cleaner, shock, alkaline up, phosphate remover, algaecide, bromine, algae remover, water treatments water softener, hardener

Our experienced technicians can do all this for you and are often stocked with all these pool care products and various chlorines and water treatment chemicals and others when you book our pool service or spa services.

Shop online or call in for Chlorine in liquid form, tablet, or granular form in all sorts of sizes from small packets to large containers Delivery may be available to Cairns areas

Mineral pool supplies, mineral systems, setups and installs, chlorinatorspool filtersrobot cleaners, chemicals, pool equipment, pump baskets, leaf rake/nets, brushes, and vacuum accessories.

Ask us about our flexible reliable affordable pool service plans or a service call to your residence, hotel, apartment block, hotel, commercial, etc.

Pool Cleaning

  • Pool Cleaning: This is essential to maintain a healthy swimming environment. Pool cleaners will remove debris from the pool, skim the surface, and brush the walls and floor to prevent algae growth. They will also vacuum the pool to remove any dirt or debris that has settled on the bottom. check out more info

  • A pool cleaning service can help with tasks such as skimming leaves and debris from the surface of the water, vacuuming the pool floor, and cleaning the pool walls and tiles.

  • Water Testing: Regular water testing is essential to maintain the correct chemical balance in your pool. Pool service technicians can test the water and adjust the chemical levels as needed to ensure that the water is safe for swimming. We use the latest technology. Call on experienced technicians who know pool water and pool care products and the easiest methods to keep your pool or spa crystal clear and well maintained. More info here. come into our Cairns pool shop for a water test.

hire a pool cleaning service technician today who can take care of your pool needs. With our team of dedicated pool gurus at Pool Store Plus who are ready to give you or your staff the best advice on pools pool services, and maintenance and are experts in getting the most out of and extending the life of your pool equipment. Pool Store Plus specializes in providing sales, maintenance services, replacement pool care products and parts for a range of equipment, pool pumps, upgrades, and efficient proper operation of swimming pool equipment and pool maintenance, pool lights, and new product installation. Get a free quote. Contact the team today and see why we have so many happy customers

Pool Services Cairns

Types of maintenance services

Pool store plus, offer

  • pool cleaning service, maintenance, repairs

  • equipment check, sales, and replacement

  • commercial, pool service

  • spa services

  • residential pool owner whereby a spa or pool regularly has scheduled pool servicing visits

  • pool care products & advice

  • Pool maintenance, including stain removal, green pool recovery

  • Backwash and maintain filter performance, equipment efficiency check, cartridge filter cleaning

  • All types of swimming pool servicing

    • plunge, chlorine, salt water, spa, lap, mineral pools

    • Residential, resort, commercial, hotel or, caravan parks, apartment block, shared swimming pools etc

    • Pool areas cleaning. New now offering high-pressure cleaning, bring those surfaces back to life check out the dedicated page here

    • Safety Inspections by a certified inspector

Pool Cleaning Services Cairns

Cairns is a beautiful city located in the tropical north of Australia. It is well-known for its natural beauty, including the Great Barrier Reef, the Daintree Rainforest, and its many beautiful beaches. With its warm and sunny climate, it is no surprise that many people in Cairns own pools.

  • Pool upgrades: If you’re looking to upgrade your pool, there are a variety of options available. For example, you could install a new, energy-efficient pool pump to save money on your energy bills, upgrade your pool’s lighting to create a more attractive and inviting atmosphere, or upgrade to a mineral pool with an ultra-low salt chlorinator saving you money and time. Maybe you are interested in heating to swim all year round. Contact us or leave a message for us to call you for a free quote on our efficient heating solutions.

Regular Pool Care services

Regular pool care is a crucial service that ensures your pool is always clean and safe for use. This type of service includes routine cleaning, water testing, and chemical balancing. Our professional experienced technicians can also inspect your pool equipment to ensure it is functioning properly. Regular pool maintenance can be scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, depending on your specific needs. 

Green Pool Recovery

A green pool is a sign of algae growth and poor water quality. Green pool recovery is a service that involves removing the algae and restoring the water quality. Pool technicians will use specialized chemicals and equipment to clean your pool and restore it to its original state.

About green pools

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Pool Equipment Installation

Pool equipment installation is a service that involves installing new pool equipment or upgrading existing equipment. This can include installing a new pool pump, filter, or heater. Our experienced technicians will ensure that the equipment is installed correctly and functioning properly.

Regular Pool Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your pool clean, safe, and enjoyable to use. It involves a combination of cleaning, water balancing, and equipment checks. Here are the three main sub-sections of regular pool maintenance:

Cleaning and Skimming

Cleaning and skimming are the most basic tasks in pool maintenance. They involve removing debris, leaves, and other foreign materials from the pool. Skimming the surface of the pool with a net is an effective way to remove floating debris. This should be done daily to prevent clogging of the pool filter.

Vacuuming the pool is another important part of regular cleaning. It removes dirt and debris that has settled on the bottom of the pool. A pool vacuum can be manual or automatic, and it should be used at least once a week.

Water balance

Chemical balancing is crucial in maintaining the pool water’s quality. This involves testing the water regularly to ensure that the pH, chlorine, and alkalinity levels are within the recommended range. Chemicals such as chlorine, algaecide, and pH adjusters are added to the pool to maintain the water’s balance.

Equipment Check

Equipment check involves inspecting the pool equipment to ensure that they are working correctly. This includes the pool pump, filter, heater, and other equipment. The pool pump and filter should be cleaned regularly to prevent clogging and ensure proper water circulation.

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By hiring a professional pool service and spa service, swimming pool owners and commercial pool managers can ensure that their pool is always in top condition, without having to do the work themselves or to be sure and have peace of mind that it is done right.

For the best pool care and to have a sparkling pool or spa. Take advantage of our care plans and schedule affordable regular visits. We then can know what is best for your specific needs with a comprehensive range of solutions offered by our experienced technicians to take care of your pool, keeping it crystal clear, in pristine condition, well maintained, and in good shape from the surfaces around the pool to the quality of the water your swimming, to the tile line and pool surface to the depths. Our team can offer a complete and reliable service

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Benefits of Professional Pool Servicing

Hiring a professional pool service provider in Cairns offers several benefits, including:

  1. Expertise: Professional pool service providers have the necessary expertise to maintain and repair your pool. They can identify and fix any issues before they become major problems.

  2. Time-Saving: Maintenance can be time-consuming. Hiring a professional pool service provider will free up your time, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

  3. Cost-Effective: Professional pool service providers can help you save money in the long run by identifying and fixing issues before they become major problems.

  4. Peace of Mind: Knowing that your pool is being maintained by a professional gives you peace of mind. You can relax and enjoy a swim without worrying about maintenance and repair issues.


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  • customised pool services
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